Music is everything.

My name is Flávia, 20. I sing and play guitar in a band. All that you need to know about me is here, but if you wanna know something more, it's just ask me here too!

Welcome to my world! (:

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Hi guys, I’m doing this post to show you my band, called Wave Goodbye. If you want to share, do it, please!

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where are the notes this is beautiful

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This is amazing

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African Lion by Tony [flickr]

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Joan of Arc by Albert Lynch (1851-1912)
engraving from Figaro Illustre magazine, 1903

Joan of Arc by Albert Lynch (1851-1912)

engraving from Figaro Illustre magazine, 1903

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"Teenage mutant target turtle... Hayley Williams"

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things are different on this side of town

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This will literally make your day

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Sir Nicholas Winton is a humanitarian who organized a rescue operation that saved the lives of 669 Jewish Czechoslovakia children from Nazi death camps, and brought them to the safety of Great Britain between the years 1938-1939.

After the war, his efforts remained unknown. But in 1988, Winton’s wife Grete found the scrapbook from 1939 with the complete list of children’s names and photos. Sir Nicholas Winton is sitting in an audience of Jewish Czechoslovakian people who he saved 50 years before.


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